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Viventium Login: SaaS-based human capital management solutions are available to people and businesses; these solutions provide an exceptional user experience and have been recognized for excellence in software development. The organization is well-known in the health services industry for providing services such as home care agencies, skilled nursing facilities, payroll and HR solutions, etc.

Tracking Applicants and Doing Recruitment:

  • In order to narrow down the pool of applicants, Viventium uses video and audio screening techniques, and the company also maintains a database of resumes that can be searched.
  • To fill open positions at Viventium, it is necessary for the company to attract applicants to the job boards and even the social media sites that are chosen for advertising.
  • In order to do this, the organization developed and implemented effective software for candidate tracking and recruiting.

Viventium Login Payroll Processing Software

The payroll processing software known as Viventium may be installed on both Windows and Mac computers. The following services, such as the Viventium service and application tracking, are visible to users on the level of the portal when they first arrive. In addition, one may recognize onboard, human resources, time and attendance, as well as business intelligence. The Viventium mobile application allows users to see their pay history and paid time off balances.

In accordance with the standard operating process, any information on an employee may only be received from the payroll department after a formal request. Now, the situation is different. Changes may be made by employees to their direct deposit accounts, paid time off balances, and contact information.

It should be okay for managers to handle team information, including the ability to accept or deny requests for personal time off. It will aid managers by reducing the amount of administrative work they have to do, which will allow them to concentrate more on their company.

Human Resources Support

The Human Management Capital platform, often known as HCM, assists businesses in fostering much more significant personal development in their workforce. According to the findings of statistical studies, sixty-four percent of HR managers do not have the necessary HR software tools to deal with complicated situations.

Complaints have been lodged by workers against their bosses, which has left the latter in an extremely helpless position. It is reported that during the last 20 years, the number of employment lawsuits filed in the United States has climbed by 300 percent. Fines may range anywhere from $110 to $16,000, with the average award being in the range of $490,000.

Viventium Talent

When it comes to human resources, there are a lot of difficult duties to do; finding the appropriate individuals for the proper jobs doesn’t come into play until after a process of talent recruiting is finished.

Viventium talent offers a software solution that can be used to design the whole recruiting process as well as the track that it follows. The whole process, from monitoring applications to bringing new employees on board, is included, as well as any additional details you could need.

The HR department is responsible for ensuring compliance, integrating new employees, and providing them with training that is tailored to the culture of the organization.

Unified Time and Attendance Software Experience

An employee may use the unified time and attendance system, which does not need the employee to log in to various software packages in any circumstance. In a similar manner, it is not necessary to import and export information about payroll.

In order to receive rapid access to the Viventium time, employees just need to go through a single sign-on process. Time Sheets: When workers are required to spend a certain amount of time on a project or task, it is necessary to keep records of the amount of time that employees have spent working on the project or job.

Employee Self-service (ESS) Web Portal

As a result of the HR software’s numerous impressive capabilities, the firm has a sizable customer base. In addition, the organization offers assistance to both internal staff and external customers’ staff, as well as administrative logins. It all depends on how large or small the business is. The login procedure for Viventium staff and client staff is outlined below.

Viventium Employee Login

Staff members get access to a dedicated portal where they may enjoy a number of privileges. The organization provides workers with portal services to retrieve their pay slips, which accurately reflect the employee’s financial situation. The ESS login procedure is as follows.

1. An employee has to go to the online portal at and enter their information before clicking the login button.

login 1

2. The worker will see three different options appear on the screen. You will need to choose the employee so that you can access their information in the new tab.

login 2

3. The ESS Welcome page will be sent to the staff members. On the screen where employees are required to sign in to the ESS, they should input their user ID or email address, as well as their password, and then click the login Option.

login 3

Employee Unable to Remember the Forgot Password

In the event that someone forgets their password and is unable to sign in to the Viventium ESS Portal, the portal offers a straightforward way to recover the forgotten password.

1. The employee has to go to the ESS Welcome page and choose the option that says “Forgot password.”

forgot password ess

2. The worker is responsible for filling in the email address and clicking the proceed button.

enter mail id

3. The online portals are obligated to send the instructions to the user’s email inbox, and the messages are required to include information on how to reset the password.

Viventium Client Login

1. The customer has to log in to the VIventium portal.

2. Select the Login Option, then select the Client link from the drop-down menu.

Client login

3. After entering your login information (User name or email address, password), go to the Continue Option to complete the login process.

Viventium signin page

Viventium Apps Download

Users may search for the Viventium app in the search bar of the Google Play Store or the app store to get the app. This can be done by going to either of those stores. Users will be able to download and install the Viventium app after it has been successfully brought up on the screen.

IOS Viventium App

Viventum app

Android Viventium App

android app

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