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TCS Ultimatix Login Information: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a multinational company with its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. TCS has operations in 46 countries and over 387,000 workers who strive to deliver business solutions in an international setting. It is a well-known global corporation that provides consulting services in the field of information technology. In addition, the company’s IT software tools in the employee portal have been upgraded to accommodate the growing size of its workforce.

The development of an employee management portal that is unparalleled in the HRMS environment is the primary purpose of the TCS Ultimatix. The Enterprise Resource Planner, often known as ERP (business process management software), is a product developed by Tata Consultancy. This program has the ability to tie itself to human resources, service, and technology.

In this section, Ultimax provides a mechanism through which workers may operate in person the HR services, such as salary management and timesheets, among other things. One might get a more detailed perspective by going to https://auth.ultimatix.net.

TCS Ultimatix Login First Time

Step 1: To get to the TCS Ultimatix Login page, an employee must go to www.auth.ultimatix.net, which is the official website for the TCS employees portal. in addition to following the instructions given.

Step 2: The employee must input the user name and push the process button.

TCS ultimatix Username

3rd Step: At a later time, the employee has to create a login by entering the Auth code and then clicking the login button.

Click on login

4th Step: If an employee has trouble logging in, they should click the “need help?” link.

Retrieve the Password if forgotten

1. An employee may regain their Ultimatix account by going to the website https://auth.ultimatix.net/utxLogin/pages/ForgetSelectionInt.jsp and activating the link.

2. The Ultimatix TCS Portal will launch the Ultimax module that describes the setting of the forgotten password, the setting for the lost customised user name, and the configuration for searching for a temporary ultimatix password.

forgot password page

3. The employee is responsible for choosing the ‘Set new Ultimatix password’ box that says ‘set password.’

set password Option

4. The online gateway will launch a new web page titled “Set new ultimatix password,” and on that page, it will provide three different methods to retrieve a forgotten password.

  • Set using webmail password
  • Use the Ultimatix authentication code
  • Set using OTP via SMS.

Password reset 3

5. The procedure to follow in order to get the information if the option to “set using SMS-based OTP” was chosen.

6. If an employee chooses option three and then clicks on it, the web portal will take them to a new screen that says “Ultimatix Set New Password.”

7. The employee is required to provide their employee number, as well as the Captcha photo, before submitting the form.

enter phone number

8. The one-time password (OTP) will be sent to the mobile phone through the online page.

9. A secret question will be posed via the website’s portal, and users will be required to provide a response. If what you are doing is accurate, continue with it and get the password.

Important Reminder: The firm has changed the URL from www.tcxultimatix.com to www.elximatix.net/ while preserving the functionality of the web portal. You may find the new URL at www.elximatix.net/.

TCS Ultimatix Mobile App: TCS employees released the TCS Ultimatix Mobile app, which can be used on Android, Windows, and iOS. All of the app’s features can be controlled with just a few clicks and the app’s web pages do provide human resource management capabilities.

TCS Ultimatix Functionalities Supporting the Employee’s Issues

  • The daily timesheet in the HRMS is designed in a way that allows an employee to use it in a comfortable manner.
  • The HRMS is responsible for maintaining the most recent versions of the workers’ personal, professional, and job profile information.
  • A leave management system allows a supervisor to verify and authorise an employee’s time off using the system.
  • The payslip is the document that demonstrates an employee’s entire financial competence.
  • The HR management makes it possible for workers to obtain their payslips each month, as well as payslips for the months that have come before.
  • Employees have the ability to download various types of letters, such as appointment letters, joining letters, increment letters, and so on.
  • One of the other channels available to employees in the employee portal is performance management. The details of this channel are analyzed before a promotion or a raise in pay is granted.
  • The Human Resource Enterprise Resource Planning website provides access to a provident fund, a voluntary provident fund, and allowances such as travel, leave, overtime work, and so on, depending on the circumstances.

EasyAuth Authenticator app on mobile smartphones Logins

1. An employee may create what is known as “easy auth” logins on a mobile device by following a simple set of 10 steps.

2. It is the responsibility of the worker to determine whether or not the mobile device is linked to the internet.

3. The employee should follow the instructions provided by UxApps to upgrade the authenticator software that is already installed on the device.

4. When prompted on the Ultimatix login screen, the employee is required to pick the EasyAuth login option.

5. The worker is obligated to double verify the number that is shown on the Ultimatix sign-in page.

6. The worker is responsible for confirming the information by pressing on the EasyAuth notification that is made accessible on the mobile device. Launching the app is required in the event that a notice from EasyAuth cannot be located.

7. The employee is required to verify themselves by using either a biometric or a PIN of four digits.

8. The worker is the one who has to start the EasyAuth request from inside the browser. As soon as the application is launched, the toggle button has to be used to access the EasyAuth interface.

9. The Employee is required to press the number that corresponds with the one that is shown on the login page that is made accessible on the EasyAuth screen of the Authenticator app.

10. The worker is responsible for initiating an EasyAuth request, following which the Easyauth number will be automatically updated. In the event that the Easyauth screen is not currently open, a person should bring down the EasyAuth screen in order to update their EasyAuth numbers.

11. The employee will have no trouble logging in, and if there are any questions or concerns, they may be sent to ultimatix.login@tcs.com.

TCS (tcxultimatix/ elximatix) Helpdesk

The worker has access to expert support through toll-free lines, VoIP, and electronic mail. The following are the toll free phone lines and email addresses: 1-800-425-4827: 1-877-827-4639: 0207-2458000 / VoIP: 500 5555 PSTN: 6060 5555# / 022- 25188155 / helpdesk@tcs.com: helpdesk@tcs.com: re@tcs.com.

My apps TCS Login

1. Please proceed to the myapps tcs login site, which can be found at https://myapp.tcs.com/logon/LogonPoint/tmindex.html.

2. The employee has to provide their employee identification number and password on the myapps tcs login page in order to complete the online login process.

my apps tcs login page

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