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CNA Pointclickcare login app 2022 Point Click Care User Login – Point click care gives a safe central login website to all its customers. Customers can log in to their online point click care account through this web portal to access the care, services, customer care centre, financial functions, and a lot more. Point care click login, an online portal, provides convenient, secure, and easy access to your account. You get all the benefits and features online via any smartphone or computer. So you can access anything related to your account anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Pointclickcare’s software was developed to meet the urgent needs of patient care, with a focus on the patient’s requirements and desires and a clear understanding of the many steps involved in providing quality medical care. The programme aids service providers in tapping into cloud information and using it to boost hospital operations. For the benefit of senior care societies and residential care, Pointclickcare maintains a database of over 26,000 skilled nursing facilities. Care for the elderly is improved by the ingenuity of point-click care solutions.

Network optimization is made possible across visits, and patient management is improved both during and between visits. Businesses, communities, and individuals all benefit from Pointclickcare’s ability to quickly and easily share and access information, allowing for more informed decision-making. Pointclickcare creates unified solutions that facilitate networked collaboration between hospitals to improve patient care. The integrated solutions are mobile-friendly EHR and revenue cycle management systems that adhere to all applicable regulations. When it comes to staffing, senior services, home care, and acute care, Pointclickcare has you covered.

What is Point Click Care?

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Point Click Care is the name of a renowned Electronic Health Record (EHR) partner to the Long Term Post Acute Care (LTPAC). It commences in North America with over 21,000 professional nursing solutions, home health agencies, and living communities for seniors. Point click care provides cloud-based services and solutions to the customers to communicate, connect and obtain access to excellent assistance, tools, equipment, and devices to enhance the patient’s care and treatment of various organizations.

Steps to Point care click login page

Point click care provides an easily accessible and convenient login portal through which users get the facility of managing the workforce, tracking the progress of the practitioners, checking out the patient care quality, and getting feedback from patients.

The point care click login process is simple, safe, and fast. Follow these steps mentioned below for a quick and convenient point care click login experience if you are a user.

  1. Visit the official website of Point Click Care through any browser. Use this link below – https://pointclickcare.com
  2. You will see the ‘login’ link located at the top right side of the homepage. Click on it. Or else, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and find ‘resources’ under which click on ‘Customer Login.’
  3. Clicking upon ‘login’ or ‘customer login’ will open the point care click login web portal. Enter your point, and click care user ID and password correctly in the appropriate fields.
  4. Simply press the “Remember my org prefix” button so that you can have a quicker login process through the same device from next time onwards.
  5. Then finally, press the black ‘login’ button for successful login.

Steps to Retrieve Point Click Care Account Online

Logging in from a different location than your administrator’s set-up, the wrong homepage, or even entering an incorrect organization code can lead to unsuccessful point care click login.

You can also face unsuccessful login due to disabled or removed user rights. In such circumstances, get connected in touch with your administrator immediately.

Point care click login allows a specific number of login failures from one IP address. So, you can’t log in if you exceed the maximum chances of logging in. In that case, you should try after 5 to 15 minutes with the correct login credentials.

If the system witnesses inactivity of 5 minutes after login, you will be logged out automatically. Follow these steps to sort out this type of problem.

  1. From the ‘start-up menu,’ find the ‘Control Panel’ located at the bottom left side of your device’s screen.
  2. Click on the ‘Internet’ option to see the pop-up window named ‘Internet Properties.’
  3. From the browsing history, select ‘Delete.’
  4. Then press ‘OK.’
Wrapping Up

Point care click login is safe and quick. All you need to have is correct login credentials for successful login every time. If you have any queries, contact Point Click Care Support at 1-877-722-2431 or write an email to helpdesk@pointclickcare.com.

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