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GogPayslip Login: The Controller & Accountant General’s Departments’ has developed an E-Payslip system that enables the government personnel in GHANA to view their payslips online. The website is personalized and can be used on desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and any browser setup. A new user may complete registration in a short amount of time by first getting a registration code from the person who is in charge of the department.

A warning has been issued by the controller and the Accountant General, which warns that there is a potential for the companies to sustain financial losses. And, as it is possible that this is due to the exposure of the employee data to third parties, CAGD will not be responsible for any frauds that occur as a result of this. On the other hand, the CAGD has distributed intelligent software to the workforce of GHANA, and this site offers umpteen advantages to those employees.

Employee GogPayslip Login at

1. The employee will be required to log in to the Gog Payslip portal, which may be found at

2. The gogPaySlip portal will provide a web page of an electronic payslip. To access it, users will need to enter their employee number, password, and verification code, and then click the “Login” button. Each employee’s dashboard will automatically update with a link to their epayslip.


3. There are certain circumstances in which there is a possibility that the employee may forget the password. After that, if you have forgotten your password, the website will offer you the chance to recover it by clicking on a link that is located inside the box that you use to log in.

4. To receive the new password, one has to click the link that has been sent and then input their details into the lost password dialogue box.

Forgot Password?

1. Employees who have forgotten their epayslip password on the gogpayslip portal may retrieve it by going to the login page located at action=sign into your account and choose the “Forgot your e-payslip password” option.

Forgotten Password

2. Employees need to type in their employee ID, their mobile phone number, a verification code, and then click the “submit” button.

enter employee code here

3. Once the verification is complete, the Portal will send a new password to the user’s email and mobile device.

Employee Registration for EPaySlip

1. The employee has the ability to request access to the employee’s e-payslip logins; however, prior registration is required. Consequently, one may sign up by using the epayship login dialogue box to access the link entitled “Register for EPaySlip.” Clicking this link will initiate the registration process.

e payslip register

2. The website will provide the registration page, and individuals will be required to fill out the forms on the EPaySlip page.

3. The employee is responsible for entering their employee number, double checking their employee number, creating a password, and double checking their password. In addition, the employee is required to input the registration code, email address, mobile number, and then validate the mobile number and code before clicking the next button.

gogpayslip register form

4. The employee is responsible for carefully reading through the “terms and conditions,” and after they have determined that they are in agreement with them, they must click the “register” button. Once they have received confirmation of this action, they will then be allowed to access the epayslip login page.

Details of the GHANA employee’s epayslip

The formal information about the employees will be included on the payslip that is issued every month. The name of the person, the employee identification number, the grade, the region of work, the district of work, the agency, the department, the unit of work, and the level are the components.

The payslip provides information on the monthly salary as well as the following breakdown components of the paycheck. The information of the banker to whom an employee is allocated may be determined by looking at the payment method.

The pay slip must provide an explanation of the deductions that are included in the salary report. These payments are structured as loans. Throughout the year, you will be paid a certain amount each month; these payments add up to your annual salary. The monthly take-home pay is the net wage that is given.

Procedure to View/Print Monthly Salary Slip

  1. The employee is required to provide the login information, after which the website will take them to a new page that serves as a dashboard for them.
  2. In order to produce an electronic payslip, the employee must first click the “my payslip” link, then choose the appropriate month, and finally the relevant year.
  3. Employees have the option of downloading their payslips. One must first click the save button, then download the pay slip, and last, one must print out the pay slip directly from the download.

CAGD E-Payslips on Mobile apps

  1. CAGD has made it possible to access CAGD E-Payslips using mobile applications in order to facilitate operations even while users are away from their desks.
  2. The mobile application may be used by android phones, and in order to do so, one must go to Google Play, put the keyword CAGD E-PaySlips into the search field, and then click the search button. The mobile application can then be utilised.
  3. The application will be shown on the google play store, and users will be required to click the install button.
  4. The product will be downloaded and installed on the employee’s preferred android phone, at which point it will be accessible for use.
  5. The features are quite straightforward and simple to use, and one may access an employee’s electronic payslip by using a computer connected to the Internet that has a reasonably fast network.

GoG third-party reference system

1. The GoG implements a third-party reference system, and this software is responsible for processing the electronic payslips of government employees. The third-party reference system, often known as TPRS, gives employees in Ghana’s government access to their payslips and makes the process of obtaining a payslip less tedious. An employee may access the website by entering their information via the website.

2. The employee is required to click the login button after entering their username, the captcha code, and their password. In addition, the website leads those working for the government of Ghana to the appropriate dashboard.

gog 3rd party

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