Ready Services – Early Education
Investments in Early Childhood Education Help Meet the Nation’s K-12 Goals
What We Know About Early Education: Summary of Major Research Findings
Early Childhood Education: A Call to Action from the Business Community
Preventing Crime with Pre-Kindergarten: A Critical Investment in Alabama’s Safety

Call to Action
General Session PowerPoint Presentation
• Video:  Change the First Five Years and You Change Everything (courtesy of the First Five Years Fund -
Principles of Successful Early Childhood Legislation
Characteristics of Quality Early Learning Environments
Results: What Happens When Children Receive Quality Early Learning?
• Special Education: The Case for Greater Investments in Early Learning

• Video: News from Our Future: Alabama2019 - - Consider the Possibilities
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Other Summit Resources
Op-Eds prior to the Summit
Early childhood programs: a pay now or pay more later proposition
      Investing sooner wiser
      Early childhood education: Aiding kids early reaps profits later
      Why Poverty Matters to Alabama's Economic Development
      Poverty hobbles business workforce
• Summit Program
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Our sincere appreciation to all speakers and panelists and others who helped to plan the Summit:
Alabama Association for the Education of Young Children
Alabama Department of Children’s Affairs
Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs
ADPH, Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Initiative
Alabama Industrial Development and Training
Alabama Power Company
Charles A. Collat Sr., Chairman Emeritus, Mayer Electric Supply Co.
Dr. Kevian Deravi, Professor of Economics, AUM
Dr. Susan Hubbard, Board of Directors, Auburn Network
Economic Development Partnership of Alabama
Robert D. Powers, The Eufaula Agency
Van L. Richey, President and CEO, American Cast Iron and Pipe Co.
VOICES for Alabama’s Children
The Summit is supported by a grant from the Partnership for American’s Economic Success. This is a national coalition mobilizing business leaders to improve tomorrow’s economy through smart policy investments in young children today. The Partnership is comprised of committed donors, national business organizations and an advisory board of employers, economists, funders and advocates; it is managed by the Pew Center on the States in Washington, D.C. For more information, please visit