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Setting the Stage Resources
  Investing in America's Children:  The Business Case
  The Science of Early Childhood Development
  Meeting the Workforce Needs of the Future
  Starting & Finishing Strong
  Long-Term Economic Benefits of Investing in Early Childhood Programs
  Mission: Readiness
  Alabama Partnership for Children School Readiness Ruler
  Education Pipeline

• Video:  The Heckman Equation - Why Early Investment Matters

 Ready Families in Ready Communities
  In Brief: The Science of Early Childhood Development
  The Cost of Child Abuse vs. Child Abuse Prevention:  Alabama's Experience
     School or the Streets: Crime and Alabama's Dropout Crisis

Ready Services - Health
    Early Childhood Health Problems and Prevention Strategies: Costs and Benefits
  In Brief: The Impact of Early Adversity on Children's Development
  Early Childhood Investments in Health Have a Lasting Impact: Highlights from the Research
       Early Childhood Investmentsin Heatlh Have a lasting Impact EeEa

Ready Services – Early Education
  Why Business Should Support Early Childhood Education
  Investments in Early Childhood Educaiton Help Meet the Nation's K-12 Goals
  What We Know About Early Education: Summary of Major Research Findings
Early Childhood Education: A Call to Action from the Business Community
  Preventing Crime with Pre-Kindergarten: A Critical Investment in Alabama's Safety

Call to Action
  Call to Action Video
  The Costs of Disinvestment

  Principles of Successful Early Childhood Legislation
  Characteristics of Quality Early Learning Environments

  Results: What Happens When Children Receive Quality Early Learning?
  Special Education: The case for Greater Investments in Early Learning
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